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On this page you will see a breakdown of all the services we provide. We aim to book your vehicle in at our Smethwick branch and ensure everything is done in a timely manner. If you want to book your vehicle in for an inspection or one of our services including: MOT, DPF cleaning, Diagnostics check or Vehicle Service, please call us on the number below or use the contact form.

(0121) 558 9215



We have a dedicated team to carry out the MOT for your vehicle. Please contact us to find out availability.

Car Diagnosis

We have top of the line equipment to carry out diagnostic tests on your vehicle. Book your vehicle in today for a diagnostic check.


We have a dedicated team that specialise in servicing all types of cars and vans. We provide both a full and partial servicing, which can include everything from a simple oil change to a full service that includes filters and fluid changes.

DPF Cleaning

Our specialised team for carrying out DPF cleaning are always on hand for your needs. If you are suffering from little to no power or the DPF indicator light has come on, contact us today to book your vehicle in for an inspection.

ALL OF Our Services


Full MOT

We can provide a full MOT on our vehicle, whether it is a car or small van. Contact us for a quote and booking availability.


Exhaust System / dpf cleaning

We specialise in exhaust and DPF cleaning. If your vehicle seems to be unresponsive with little to no power, you may need this service.


Batteries and power

If your vehicle battery needs replacing, we provide new and part new  batteries. We can also diagnose and repair power related issues.


Break and repairs

We can replace your break pads and discs and repair any faults in your breaking system.


Brake fluid

We can resolve any issues you may encounter as a result of your brake fluid and we can help you maintain an efficient level of brake fluid. 



We are specialsts in working on suspensions including Coil springs, Anti roll bars, Drive shafts. Get in touch to get an estimate.


Full and Partial Servicing

We have a dedicated service team that service your vehicle with all required parts including oil changes, filter changes and spark plug replacements.


Engine repair

If your vehicle's engine is damaged, we can repair or replace this for you. 


Transmissions & Gear

Our engineers are fully qualified to work on your vehicles transmission system should have an issue with changing gears or other transmission related issues.

  • MOT
  • car servicing
  • dpf cleaning service
  • Diagnosis
  • Checkup

What To Expect

All our services are carried at our Smethwick branch. We will book your vehicle in and give you a full quotation before any work is carried out. All parts and labour cost will be broken down and made easy to understand.

Booking in your vehicle

The first step is to book your vehicle in at our Smethwick branch. Call us on 0121 558 9215.

MOT Certificate

Once your vehicle has been tested or re-tested after repairs, we will provide your full MOT certificate with the date of renewal and update the VOSA records.


Your vehicle will be inspected and checked it complies with all VOSA requirements.

Vehicle Service

Our team will service your vehicle with all the required parts and provide full breakdown of parts and labour for your vehicles service record.

MOT Repairs & maintenance

After your vehicle has been inspected, if you require any issues to be resolved, we can quote you on parts and labour to carry out the repairs.

DPF Cleaning Service

Booking your vehicle in for this service will be broken down into 2 steps. 1: We will fully inspect the vehicle and give you a report on the severity of the issue. 2: if it can be repaired we will carry out the service and get your vehicle back on the road.

DPF Cleaning Speciality

We are experts in cleaning DPF's. Read more about our cleaning service.

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Book your car in for an MOT or Service by using our online form.

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