If you own a deisel vehicle then you will have a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). These filters are used to remove soot and can become clogged over time, and should be cleaned regularly to avoid expensive repairs.

Our specialised DPF cleaning team can unblock partially blocked DPF’s. Book your vehicle in today for a detailed inspection, full flush of the filter and 20 minutes test drive.

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If your vehicle is suffering from low power or the DPF indicator light has come on the dashboard, you will need to get your vehcile inspected. If the DPF is only partially blocked, we can fix the issue. Book your vehicle in today and get peace of mind knowing your DPF is clean, which will save your thousands of pounds in the long run.

Don’t  leave it too late, get your vehicle checked so that you will be with peace of mind knowing you will not have to spend thousands of pounds on repairs.


Below are some popular questions regarding Diesel Particulate Filter’s and they need cleaning.

What is dpf cleaning?

Diesel Particular Filters (DPFs) were created to meet the forever changing emissions regulations. They are now fitted to nearly all new diesel vehicles. DPFs are designed to remove the build-up of soot when you drive your vehicle. However as time passes this can cause the DPFs to get blocked or damaged. This is more prevalent when driving locally on short journeys at low speeds. Having your DPF cleaned regularly will save you on costly repairs.

Do I need this service?

If you have a diesel vehicle and you are getting the following symptoms, you may need DPF cleaning.
– The DPF warning light is visible on your vehicle’s dashboard
– You notice a loss of power
– If you vehicle’s stop and start system has stopped working
– You are getting poor fuel economy
– If you notice your cooling fans are running more than usual

How often should i clean my DPF?

This will depend on how you drive, the type of car you have and the mileage you do. If you drive for long periods on higher gears you may just need a maintenance clean every 6 months. If however you drive mainly locally and with lower gears then you will need to get your vehicle booked in for a full inspection and full deep clean.

Can i remove my dpf?

That is an absolute no no. It is now illegal to remove your DPF as it is a mandatory check during your MOT. If the vehicle was originally fitted with a DPF and then removed this will fail your MOT test.

how Can i avoid having dpf problems?

If you have not already purchased a diesel vehicle, you should consider your driving habits. If you will be doing mainly local driving it is wiser to not purchase a diesel vehicle. However if you already have a diesel vehicle fitted with a DPF, we recommend you get your DPF cleaned every six months to prevent the build up of soot.

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